CAS provides source catalogs of the data from HSC, either for individual CCDs or coadded images.
The catalogs consist of various measurements, such as magnitudes, coordinates, shapes and their time dependencies of the sources.
The data retrieval flow is as follows:

  1. Go to CAS Search page
  2. Give a name to your new query (a)
  3. Write your query on the textbox (b)
    • List of tables is here.
    • List of functions is here.
  4. Press "preview" button (c)
  5. Check the result of the query (d)
    Preview has a short time limit (10 seconds) and shows only top 5000 records of the resultant records.
  6. If the result looks OK, remove LIMIT clause,
  7. then choose output format (e) and press "enqueue" button to submit your query to long timeout (6 hours) queue (f).
  8. Wait until the status gets "done" (g).
  9. Download the resultant file.