CHORUS Public Data Release 1

We are pleased to release the deep narrow-band images and photometric catalogs from a Subaru Intensive Program: CHORUS (Cosmic HydrOgen Reionization Unveiled with Subaru).  The CHORUS narrow-band filter set is shown in the figure below and imaging depth and seeing are summarized in the table below.  A full description of the survey and the data set can be found in Inoue et al.(2020).  Please cite this paper when you use the data set in your publications.

The data set is made available in the database in the same manner as the HSC-SSP PDRs.  Note that this is the first release from CHORUS, but the data is combined with HSC-SSP PDR2.  A few important points:

  • Please be sure to use the chorus_pdr1 schema to access the CHORUS+HSC-SSP combined data.
  • An example SQL query is shown in Section 6 of Inoue et al.(2020), but be sure to change the schema name from s18a_chorus to chorus_pdr1.
  • When you query the CHORUS data using the online CAS search tool, set release=chorus_pdr1 from the pull-down menu.
  • On hscMap, select chorus_pdr1 from the Dataset menu.  You can also follow this link to go to hscMap with chorus_pdr1 included.
  • File tree can be followed here.

A set of ancillary data is also available here, which includes
– Mask pixel fits images
– PSF maps
– Limiting magnitude maps
– Numerical data of detection completeness simulations
– Numerical data of measured number counts

Please contact Akio Inoue for any questions regarding the data products.