COSMOS Wide-Depth Stacks (PDR3)

As in our previous releases, we have stacked a subset of the UltraDeep-COSMOS data to the Wide-depth using the same version of the pipeline as used for the main data set.  Utilizing the large number of visits taken in the field, we generated stacks with three different seeing sizes.  Specifically, we set the target seeing at approximately the 25, 50, and 75th percentiles of the seeing distribution in the Wide layer for each filter.  The exact seeing sizes in arcsec are summarized in the table below. These three stacks are available in separate database schema.  Because the individual exposure times in UltraDeep are longer than those in Wide, we stacked only 2 and 4 visits for gr and izy, respectively.  As a result, the gaps between the CCDs are not fully filled and the user should be aware of it.  The table below shows the seeing size in arcsec for each filter and for each stack.

stack g r i z y
best 0.63 0.61 0.52 0.70 0.59
median 0.74 0.79 0.57 0.75 0.73
worst 0.87 0.89 0.67 0.83 0.94