Density Map Catalog (PDR3)

Projected two-dimensional galaxy density distribution has been measured for i-band bright (i<23 mag) sources at z=0.3-1.0 in the PDR3 Wide layer (700 sq. degrees, extended from 360 sq. degrees in PDR2). The number densities are derived in multiple aperture sizes, 10 arcmin, 30 arcmin, and 10 comoving Mpc, including the mask correction, based on photometric redshifts from the Mizuki photo-z code (Tanaka et al. 2015; 2018).  The catalog can be found below.  Please read Shimakawa et al. (2021, Appendix A or quick guide here) for details of the catalog.  If you have used the catalog in your paper, please cite this paper and Tanaka et al. (2015; 2018) and also follow the guideline of acknowledging HSC-SSP.