COSMOS photo-z catalog reweighted to S16A shape catalog

The files for the COSMOS photometric redshift catalog reweighted to match the HSC weak lensing selected galaxies is presented here. The COSMOS data from the Wide survey was not part of the S16A data release. These data were reduced as part of the S17A release. Hence the photometry for the data that follows comes from S17A.

HSC photometry of COSMOS photoz galaxies

These can be found in two files:

The photoz catalogs with the HSC photometry

Each of the following directories has two files corresponding to each of the target files

Each of these directories has two files corresponding to each of the target files and contain point estimates for the photometric redshift. Two other files containing the photoz probability distributions have also been provided.

Reweighted COSMOS photoz catalog

The file containing the weights corresponding to the self-organizing map to be applied to the COSMOS photoz catalog is here:

This file has two columns whichfile and a zero indexed idx_in_file which helps you to locate the corresponding object in the target files. Each photo-z object has a som_weight and a weak lensing shape weight. The som_weight ensures that the color magnitude distribution of the COSMOS photoz catalogs now matches the distribution of colors and magnitude in the HSC weak lensing shape catalog. The weak lensing shape weight needs to be used in conjunction with the som_weight.

The HSC photometry based photo-z catalog files can be matched using s17a_objid. If there are particular cuts (say redshift cuts) that are being applied to your shape catalog while computing the weak lensing signal, you can apply the same cuts to the COSMOS catalog.

The method described in Section 7.1 of Nakajima et al. 2012 can be used to correct for the systematics in the HSC photometric redshifts, or the dilution factor due to the use of point estimates.