Database (PDR2)

The Deep+UltraDeep and Wide layers are stored in separate database schemas named pdr2_dud and pdr2_wide, respectively. Note that ‘dud’ here means Deep+UltraDeep, not a bad table.  In each schema, there are meta tables and object catalog tables (summary tables). Be sure to use the right schema/table for your search, e.g., if you search for objects in the ELAIS-N1 field using a table in the wide schema, you will find no objects.  Due to a limitation of a database engine, we split the forced and unforced measurements into multiple tables (forced[2345] and meas[234]).  You can join these tables with object ID.

All the tables in database can be queried by using the CAS (Catalog Archive Server) search with online SQL editor. There are some useful sample SQLs in the CAS search page. See the documents of Summary Table Usage and Stored Functions as well.

Schema Table Notes
Meta Information pdr2_[dud/wide] mosaic, frame, wcs etc. Meta information of image data, such as time, filter, wcs, etc, for each image. This table is generated from the header information of the pipeline products. Most users do not need to directly use this table.
Object Catalogs (Summary Table) pdr2_[dud/wide] forced, forced[2/3/4/5]
Measurements of forced photometry. We use the extinction map of Schlegel, Finkbeiner, and Davis (1998) to compute the reddening (Galactic extinction) in the HSC filters.
pdr2_[dud/wide] meas, meas[2/3/4]
Measurements of unforced photometry. Due to the limitation of the postgreSQL database engine, we split the unforced photometry table into multiple separate tables. If you query the meas tables, you want to join the two tables using object_id.
Observational Log obslog obslog_pdr Observing logs. This includes seeing, transparency, etc, from the on-site reduction system.
Quality Assuarance pdr2_[dud/wide] patch_qa Table with color offsets in the stellar sequence on color-color diagrams as well as depth estimates and seeing for each patch.
Value-Added pdr2_[dud/wide] specz Collection of public spectroscopic redshifts. See this page for details.
pdr2_[dud/wide] random Set of randomly generated points within the survey footprints for clustering analysis. See this page for details.

Database Records

Summary of Public Release Catalog Database. The last column shows the number of primary objects in the forced table.
Survey/Field Name Filters Tract No. of objects
UDEEP+DEEP g,r,i,z,y,NB0387,NB0816,NB0921 20,451,226
COSMOS g,r,i,z,y,NB0387,NB0816,NB0921 9569-9572, 9812-9814, 10054-10056 5,855,157
DEEP2-3 g,r,i,z,y,NB0387,NB0816,NB0921 9219-9221, 9462-9465, 9706-9708 4,771,187
ELAIS-N1 g,r,i,z,y,NB0816,NB0921 16984-16985, 17129-17131, 17270-17272, 17406-17407 5,309,248
SXDS+XMM-LSS g,r,i,z,y,NB0387,NB0816,NB0921 8282-8284, 8523-8525, 8765-8767 4,515,634
WIDE g,r,i,z,y 436,333,410
W01 (WIDE01H) g,r,i,z,y 8994-8999, 9236-9242, 9479-9485, 9722-9728, 9964-9969 12,747,251
W02 (XMM) g,r,i,z,y 8278-8286, 8519-8527, 8761-8769, 9003-9011, 9245-9253, 9488-9496, 9731-9739, 9973-9981, 10215-10223 53,708,324
W03 (GAMA09H) g,r,i,z,y 9069-9092, 9312-9335, 9555-9578, 9797-9820, 10039-10051, 10053-10057, 10282-10293, 10296-10298 84,446,171
W04 (WIDE12H+GAMA15H) g,r,i,z,y 9096-9136, 9338-9379, 9581-9622, 9824-9864, 10079-10084, 10101-10106, 10321-10326, 10343-10348 128,581,893
W05 (VVDS) g,r,i,z,y 8984-8986, 9206-9233, 9448-9476, 9691-9719, 9933-9960, 10175-10195, 10417-10436, 10659-10677, 10899-10904, 10912-10917 110,136,245
W06 (HECTOMAP) g,r,i,z,y 15808-15834, 15987-16012, 16162-16186 45,604,192
W07 (AEGIS) g,r,i,z,y 16821-16822, 16972-16973 1,109,334

The Number of Records in Public Data Release Database Tables
Table Table Name Table Description UDEEP+DEEP WIDE
Frame frame CCD Image Meta 304,077 1,500,727
Warped warped Warped Image Meta 257,266 1,090,270
Wcs & Fcr wcs & fcr WCS and FCR file Meta 448,208 2,258,617
Mosaic mosaic Mosaic Image Meta (Coadd) 10,561 181,109
Mosaic Meas meas* Objects detected in Coadd in multiBand photometry 32,818,438 712,123,431
Mosaic Forced forced* Objects detected in Coadd in forced photometry 32,818,438 712,126,710