Emission-line object catalog (PDR1)

A comprehensive survey of emission-line galaxies at z<1.5 based on data from two narrow-band filters (NB816 and NB921) is conducted in the UltraDeep and Deep layers. The NB816 and NB921 data are available in 5.7 deg^2 and 16.2 deg^2  respectively in the Public Data Release 1. The 5sigma limiting magnitudes are 25.2 (UltraDeep, 1.4 deg^2) and 24.8 (Deep, 4.3 deg^2) mag in NB816, and 25.1 (UltraDeep, 2.9 deg^2) and 24.6-24.8 (Deep, 13.3 deg^2) mag in NB921.

We construct unprecedentedly large samples of 8,054 Halpha emitters at z ~ 0.25 and 0.40, 8,656 [OIII] emitters at z ~ 0.63 and 0.84, and 16,877 [OII] emitters at z ~ 1.19 and 1.47. The emission-line galaxies cover a wide range of luminosity, stellar mass, and environment. Table 3 of Hayashi et al. (2017) summarizes the samples of emission-line galaxies.

The catalog is available in the XX table in the database.  Please read Hayashi et al. (2017) for details of the catalog.  Object ID can be used to retrieve additional information from other tables.  If you use the catalog in your research, please cite Hayashi et al. (2017).