Emission-line object catalog (PDR2)

A comprehensive survey of emission-line galaxies at z<1.6 based on the data from two narrow-band filters (NB816 and NB921) has been conducted in the UltraDeep and Deep layers. The NB816 and NB921 data are available in 16.3 deg^2 and 16.9 deg^2 respectively in the PDR2. The effective area and the 5sigma limiting magnitude in each field are shown in Table 1 of Hayashi et al. (2020). We construct samples of Halpha emitters at z ~ 0.25 and 0.40, [OIII] emitters at z ~ 0.63 and 0.84, and [OII] emitters at z ~ 1.19 and 1.47. Table 5 of Hayashi et al. (2020) summarizes the samples of emission-line galaxies.

The catalog has been loaded to the database (pdr2_dud.nbemitter).  Please read Hayashi et al. (2020) for the details of the contents. Since the ‘object_id’ is a common ID to objects of the PDR2 catalogs in the UltraDeep and Deep layers, if necessary, you can retrieve additional information for each emission-line galaxy from other tables in the database by joining with objectID. If you use the catalogs of emission-line galaxies in your research, please cite Hayashi et al. (2020) (arXiv: 2007.07413)