Multi-band SXDS catalog (PDR1)

A multiwavelength photometric catalog for the Subaru-XMM Deep survey Field (SXDF) is prepared as part of the Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam (SPLASH) using the optical data from the HSC UltraDeep layer and the IRAC coverage from SPLASH. The catalog contains multi-wavelength photometry, photometric redshifts, and stellar masses for ~800,000 objects detected over 4.3 deg^2, with ~530,000 objects in the HSC coverage of 2.4 deg^2. The source detection is performed using a multi-band detection image. The photometry is measured on PSF-homogenized images to have a uniform typical seeing of 0.7” in the optical/nearIR bands.

Additional coverage on the SXDF at various wavelengths from the Subaru Suprime-Cam (Furusawa et al. 2008), UDS, VIDEO, MUSUBI and CFHTLS surveys is also included. The catalog also includes information from ancillary radio (Simpson et al. 2006) and X-ray (Akiyama et al. 2015) catalogs available in the literature.

Photometric redshifts are available for all objects in the catalog computed using LePhare. These photo-z’s have been calibrated using spectroscopic data available from the variety of surveys and archival data in the literature.

The catalog is available in a compressed FITS binary table format. The various columns in the catalog are described in the accompanying README. The catalog is fully described in Mehta et al. 2017, ApJS, in press. Any research based on data from this catalog should reference the paper.  An old version of the catalog (v1.4; version at the time of the paper submission) is available here.